22 и 23 ноября 2018 года во Франкфурте-на-Майне вновь состоится традиционный «Frankfurter Meeting»

26 октября 2018 - Администратор
22 и 23 ноября 2018 года во Франкфурте-на-Майне вновь состоится традиционный  «Frankfurter Meeting»

Это одно из значимых Всемирных мероприятий в области лапароскопической хирургии при ожирении.

 Dear Colleagues and Friends,

in 2018 the traditional „Frankfurter Meeting“  as one of central worldwide meetings in the field of laparoscopic surgery in obesity will take place again in Frankfurt.

We look back on twenty years of congress events under the presidency of my father Rudolf Weiner, who has initiated the Meeting in 1999 and which was performed for 20 years with my support. During that time the “Frankfurter Meeting” has developed from a local meeting up to a well-established international facility, known for its personal and familiar atmosphere. Many international experts have been guests for presentations or live-surgery, which was always a central point in our programmes.

In 2018 I will be for the first time president of the meeting and would like to host again international and national guests. My father Rudolf Weiner will support the meeting as a honorary president and guarantee for a high-level scientific programme.

After the huge success of the Obesity Days as a joint meeting with our colleagues from the medical field, we will go back to our roots and turn again into a mainly surgical meeting. We will host the meeting within the same facilities (Kap Europa) and the same partner of organization (Eventlab).

Again we will focus on high quality scientific sessions, live-surgeries on both days, as well as suturing courses and courses for beginners and physician assistants. Together with the International Federation for Surgery in Obesity (IFSO) and the german societies (DGAV and BDC) we would like to create again a high-level meeting.

We look forward welcoming you again on our tradional, well-established meeting in the heart of the Rhein-Main area, in Frankfurt am Main.

Dr. med. Sylvia Weiner 


Подробная информация, программа, список мероприятий, список участников, возможности для регистрации на мероприятие представлены на сайте Конгресса: https://www.frankfurter-meeting.de/

Программа мероприятия: https://www.frankfurter-meeting.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Hauptprogramm-FFM_Webversion.pdf

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